Become a Partner

4-Clip will reward you for the promotion and diffusion of its services

Who is interested in the Partner Program?

The 4-Clip Partner Program may be of interest to all companies and organisations whose customers, members, readers, users or visitors could benefit from a fast and high-quality post production image service.

For example:

  • Trade associations or publishers
  • Retail, online retailers, wholesale, etc
  • DAM, CMS or any content management and distribution Software vendors (SaaS or other)
  • Stock-photo Suppliers
  • Graphic or web agencies

4-Clip Partners will guarantee to their customers, associates, readers, visitors, users, or themselves, the use of a fast and highly professional, organised, quality focussed, post production image workflows, at clear and discounted prices.

We offer various types of collaboration, each with different advantages.

Below are the four most commonly used types of collaboration, but if you are interested please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to discuss further possibilities.

Top Client

If you are a regular customer with ongoing orders we can arrange custom workflows. We can also consider extending a line of credit, in which case 4 Flying will invoice on a monthly basis.

Referral Partner

Log onto our website and earn commission for 12 months on all orders placed by the customers you have referred to our 4-Clip services. You can earn hundred’s of Pounds from your referrals!


Sell our services to your existing customers and manage all the payments.
Use our API to integrate your site with 4-Clip back end in a few hours.


Integrate our service in any application and earn commission every time customers use your integration to submit orders to 4-Clip.